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  • Painting Sizes
    The following sizes and compositions (see table below) are a guide to the standard dimensions for traditional portrait paintings. The size of the subject’s head will be close to actual life size in these paintings, producing a portrait that will have good presence in a room and good detail when viewed close-up. The larger the painting, the larger the room it must be hung in. I also can paint larger than life scale on a larger canvas. (see the Faux Hawk Painting) Please measure the wall space you have to narrow down a size. Other compositions such as horizontal-format paintings are used for group portraits and reclining figures. Portraits | Wildlife | Pets | Still Life Created in Oils or Acrylics
  • What are the fees to get started?
    Payment in full or 50% non refundable down payment is due to hold your spot to get started. The remainder is due before shipment of painting. Does not include taxes and shipping costs.
  • How to get started?
    Before you approach the artist you may want to answer these questions yourself so you are able to clearly convey your expectations. What size would you like your painting to be? Determine where this painting will be on the wall. Do you feel strongly that certain colors or shades of color should be included in the painting? If so be sure to let the artist know. What is your budget? Be honest with yourself and the artist. If your budget is tight let the artist know. Sandy might be able to work with you to let you know how to decrease your costs.
  • Return Policy
    Since all work is custom all work is non refundable.
  • How much does a painting cost?
    How much does a painting cost? Let's get some more info before I quote you a price. Photos would be very helpful for me to help you decide what panel/canvas size would be appropriate and if you would like larger than life size or traditional sizing, and that will largely determine cost. Things I would need to know. How many subjects? How much of the subjects are showing? Head up, Shoulders up, etc. How large roughly? Background? What is your budget? Be honest with yourself and the artist. If your budget is tight let the artist know. Sandy might be able to work with you to let you know how to decrease your costs. (Prices do not include Colorado tax, framing, or cost of shipping.) *Sizes are approximate, can be varied **There will be an additional charge for elaborate backgrounds, hands, or the inclusion of pets, to be determined by the artist.
  • How can I schedule a call to go over my website needs?
    Click the link below to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.
  • Disclaimer
    The paintings that I paint are in fact that, paintings. They are not photo copies of photos nor are they true to form. They are my version of expressionism style. To see samples of my work and my kind of style that I paint please view my website. Colors will vary and will not be exact, details in photos will not be exact, this will be a painting and with that my interpretation, and style will be applied. By purchasing a painting from me you agree to the above statement.
  • What is an oversized painting?
    An oversized painting is where the subject matter takes up almost the entire canvas and is blown up really large. See the Faux Hawk painting in my slideshow for an example. Extra colors can be added.
  • What type of image do I need to provide?
    Please provide a very high file format, clear, non blurry, non pixelated, photograph that you would like painted. What I need are large enough images that the details of a person's face and/or other features you'd like included in the piece (hands feet, shoulders, etc.) are readily visible, and in sharp focus. If the image is emailed to me, the resolution will have to be strong enough that when I print it, all details are visible and focused.
  • Do you paint from real life or a photograph?
    Paintings are created using a high quality photograph as a reference.
  • When will my painting be started?
    Paintings are worked on from a first paid first work on basis. You will be notified once painting process begins if there is a wait list. A retainer is required to hold your spot if there is a wait list.
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