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The Reasons Why

A business website can be a substantial investment. Rather than paying upfront costs for your site, you can opt for a pay monthly option.


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A Few Advantages

  • Cost- Effectiveness

 This approach to website building allows small business owners to build a site they can grow with, rather than being stuck with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ result that they can’t expand after the initial launch without paying for maintenance. It can also help with cash flow issues, as the payments are made on a regular basis and not all at once. Many companies aren’t able to invest in a new website up front. Creating and maintaining a website can be overwhelming for a small business owner, especially with all the other tasks they’re already managing. It’s why paying monthly for website design makes sense: it gives you the option to focus on your business, while ensuring your site is always up-to-date, secure and looking professional. Each monthly plan comes with x amount of maintenance time. If you would like more you can request a custom plan.

  • Convenience

Pay monthly website design services offer an affordable option for business start-ups who don’t want to invest a lump sum of money up front. This can provide comfort for those who don’t want to stress about paying extra if something goes wrong with their site or they need to make a change. Additionally, paying monthly allows a small business to keep their website costs within their regular marketing budget. Packages listed do not come with hosting included. If you would like this to be a part of the package please request a custom plan that does include the hosting costs. 

  • Flexibility

One of the biggest reasons why a pay monthly website service makes sense for your business is because it provides you with a way to keep away from large upfront costs. This type of price construction allows you to pay for a complete web design package with support maintenance, instead of paying it all at once.

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