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At Clifton Designs

My vision is to be America's most creative, unique, and beautiful design source by bringing life to your passions.  



Beautiful ideas for real life, from our combined visions to your site creating instant classics with timeless style.


I am here to help from inspiration to completion in every step of the way.

Wix Expert website designer


For more than ten years, Clifton Designs has been cooking up snazzy and bespoke Wix websites for all kinds of businesses. While I call Texas home, my talents stretch far and wide across the globe.


It matters where you shop and whom you choose.

Sandy Clifton

Hey there, fellow art enthusiast! Dive into a world of vibrant acrylics and oils, painting landscapes and wildlife like a boss. Let creativity flow through your veins with each passing second. Find an artist who sparks your inspiration and watch your life bloom with passion, joy, and hope. Here's a quirky peek into my world - a mix of random thoughts straight out of a diary. Strap in for a rollercoaster of humor, sarcasm, and creativity! I'm all about mystery and sci-fi books with a pinch of romance - because who doesn't love a good love story twist, right? Dreaming of a cozy small town straight out of TV shows like Virgin River and Gilmore Girls? Count me in! Even if it's in scorching Texas, that charming town vibe is what I'm after. Ever wonder about my glasses? Well, I rock them due to a wonky eye situation - one eye's a bit of a rebel, causing a blurry, bendy world. Thank goodness for the trusty clear-eyed hero that saves the day! As for Texas, let's just say the heat hits like a ton of bricks! Missing family after two decades apart, I made the move back home, only to realize I'm still miles away from them. The struggle is real, folks! Born and raised in Texas, I embarked on a journey to Colorado in '98 and fell head over heels for its beauty and perfect weather. Oh, how I miss those Colorado days! But hey, who can resist the lure of a more affordable house and a mortgage that won't break the bank in Texas? How did I stumble into web design, you ask? It all started with a passion for painting, a stint in photography, and a gig at a mill company that needed a website revamp. Cue the biggest coding book purchase and a DIY crash course in Dreamweaver. From oil portraits to coding wizardry, creativity has always been my jam. And when I met Wix, it was love at first sight - a platform that let me unleash my creative genius without breaking a sweat!

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