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My vision is to be America's most creative, unique, and beautiful design source by bringing life to your passions.  



Beautiful ideas for real life, from our combined visions to your site creating instant classics with timeless style.


I am here to help from inspiration to completion in every step of the way.


For over a decade, Clifton Designs has been creating custom and creative website designs for businesses large and small. My home may be in Texas but my abilities reach around the world.


It matters where you shop and whom you choose.

Sandy Clifton

As an artist I live and breathe creativity. I create in acrylic and oil paints of landscape and wildlife. I relish in the need to create and grow with each passing breath of time. Have an artist that truly inspires to reach greater heights. Bring the passion, joy, and hope back into your life with each whisper of the wind.  Artist Quote "My work is creative and expressive. I want to find the beauty hidden within. Creating on a daily basis in any medium gives me an outlet from my inner battles. We are all perfectly splintered." The below is a little about me that you probably don’t really need to know but what the heck, I am an open book. Ha, seems more like a mixed bag of jumbled thoughts and entries from a diary. Go with it. :-) I am quirky, I have a good sense of humor, sarcastic, down to earth, witty, and creative. The deep dive. I love to read mystery /sci-fi type books that have love interests. HA! I LOVE fall weather and I dream of moving to a place that reminds me of the shows/movies on tv. With the beautiful picturesque small town with all the stores/coffee places you could want within walking distance. Like Virgin River, Gilmore Girls, and a lot of hallmark movies. If I could ever afford this, this would be my dream. Even if it is in Texas, just that type of town. So what is what with the glasses? Well! I have a bum eye! Yup, that is right an eye that doesn’t work right. I have scar tissue on the back of one eye that causes me to not see out of it! Makes everything SUPER BENDY AND BLURRY. I am grateful I have the good eye that over powers it for the most part. So glasses are a must. So why Texas? Good question! Trust me I tried to get my family to move to Colorado for the entire time I was there. HA, that didn’t work out. If I would have known moving back home to Texas was going to be like being at the steps of HELL I probably would have stayed where I was! YOWZZERRR IT IS HOT HERE! Ok living apart from your family for two decades and barely seeing them you get super home sick. Little did I know once we moved back we still wouldn’t see them much I would have stayed! Well we see his side but that doesn’t count. HA! My family live 3 hours away and my parents up and moved out of state to double that distance to be closer to my moms side not long after I had my very first baby! Like whatttttttt Talk about WTH moments. The Really deep dive. I was born and raised in Texas and met a guy in 1998 when I was a wee lass of 18. We decided to take a road trip out to Colorado to explore on a vacation. That vacation launched a plan to work our way to Colorado which we did about a year later. Have you been to Colorado? Boy do I miss that state! It is so beautiful and the weather is amazing. I MISS IT. We lived in Colorado for about 18 years I believe. I will say it is STUPID expensive though and that was a reason we decided to go was well so we can buy a true house and be able to afford to do so and not have a crazy mortgage. The loves of my life at the time were my two little doggies, Foxy and Kya. A little Pom that was a non stop barker (YIKES) and she may have not had all her little marbles and the smartest most amazing little Shitzu. She was just amazing but most thought she was the ugly step sister even though I loved how she looked like a tiny little rag bear. They were my little ones for our entire time in Colorado and once we moved back to Texas for a couple of years. That broke my heart when they passed. Things happen for a reason I believe. We tried for a decade to have a child and had some challenges that made me stop for a time. After moving to Texas I was finally was able to get one to stick and now I have a toddler! A toddler! Boy does time fly! It stay still yet flys SO DANG FAST! You don’t really understand that I think until you have a child and are in the trenches. Lol So how did I get into web design? It started with me painting and trying that route, photography for a while and was even hired to do a wedding. I was good at that, entered a few competitions and won. Photography wasn’t the same as creating something from nothing so I didn’t feel a passion for it. So back in the day I was working at a mill company and they wanted to update their website and I thought, I could do that! So I bought the biggest book on coding/dreamweaver I could find and taught myself how to create a site from scratch. I have always loved creating and painting and doing things creatively. I was doing commission pieces for oil portraits on the side as well. Once I got good at it things changed with technology that kept making things easier and easier too. I found wix way back when they were first launched and fell in love. I could be super creative and use a platform that was really great for everyone not just designers.

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