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New Wix Studio Editor

  • mountain picture for visual - Texas Based website design services
    • Wix Studio is a flexible, end-to-end platform for agencies and freelancers who offer bespoke and scalable web creation services. The advanced responsive editor has game-changing design tools like responsive AI, open platform capabilities, and one workspace to manage your sites, assets and team. Wix Studio offers a smoother, more efficient way to build high-end websites.

      What is a fully responsive website? A fully responsive website will rescale itself to preserve the user experience and look and feel across all devices — with no irritating zooming, scrolling or resizing. The new platform is fully responsive (can be designed for widescreen monitors, tablets, specific phones, etc), multiple people can collaborate on the site at once (huge issue with my clients is that they have 2 people that want to work on maintenance at the same time), advanced options for layout design (I can put anything on that screen wherever you want). This is brand new. This option is included on the No Brainer or the Works packages only.  Keep checking back to see my own website updated!
  • mountain picture for visual - Wix custom website design services

    Focus on design– everything scales automatically

    An intuitive grid experience Work with the grid directly on the canvas to add emphasis and style where you want it. Split, resize and swap cells to create unique layouts.

    Spark delight with no-code interactions and animations—with extra options from Lottie—to add movement, draw attention, experiment with scrollytelling and more.

    Responsive design, no math needed

    Edit in pixels and let the platform optimize for every screen. Choose from out-of-the-box behaviors for elements or use responsive AI on complex designs, then refine as needed.

    Create gradient backgrounds right in the editor

    Design custom linear, radial, conic and fluid gradients with unlimited color points, directly in the editor.


    Use accessible, SEO-friendly text masks you can fill with images, gradients and videos.

    Turn any vector into a custom cursor

    Upload any SVG—or choose from 1000s of available options—to use as a custom cursor on elements, sections or pages.

    Pick up the pace with pre-designed assets

    Start with expert-made assets and sections inspired by the latest web trends to speed up your process. Then dissect, repurpose, or customize them for each project.

    Discover the full potential of the platform

    See all design capabilities

    Custom breakpoints

    Design and optimize sites for every screen size imaginable.

    Design with pixels

    Design with pixels that are automatically converted to responsive units behind the scenes.

    Responsive AI

    Make sites instantly responsive in just a click of a button.

    Pixel-perfect positioning

    Define exact positioning for each element, including docking, margins, sizing and more at each breakpoint.

    Packaged responsiveness

    Choose from out-of-the-box responsive behaviors like scale proportionally, hug, fixed and fit to screen.

    Triggers & animations

    Grow, fade, slide, wiggle: animate any element on entrance, loop, click, hover, and scroll.

    Section Grid

    Pick from grid layouts and customize cells intuitively.


    Display unique content in uniform style that can be seamlessly updated with an integrated CMS.

    CSS Grid

    Create intricate layouts with precise element positioning per breakpoint.



    Build modular flex layouts with responsive boxes that auto adjust to every screen.


    Maintain vertical and horizontal gaps between elements and prevent overlaps.

    Text scale

    Scale text proportionally to every screen size or set limits and custom ranges.

    Custom CSS

    Take complete control, down to every pixel, by adding your own or copied CSS, directly to the site.

    Expressive elements

    Enrich client sites with no-code visuals like text and video mask, section dividers and custom cursor.

    Section backgrounds

    Populate section backgrounds with images, videos, gradients and more to create dynamic visuals.


    Add dedicated video components and control their shape, overlay, mask, play button, and more.

    Transparent videos

    Create captivating 3D effects by adding, uploading or customizing transparent videos.


    Add vibrancy to section backgrounds with custom linear, radial, conic and fluid gradients.


    Sticky position

    Make elements stick to the viewport as visitors scroll to draw extra attention to important site aspects.

    Fit to screen Set any site section to 100% viewport height so it always takes up the full height of the screen, regardless of device.

    Auto docking

    Let elements automatically attach to the closest edges of the parent container or manually adjust for every viewport.

    Global sections

    Create global headers, sections and footers that can be reused on multiple pages and updated sitewide.

    Site styles

    Fully customize site typography and color styles to match client brands.

    Dynamic pages

    Design once and generate an unlimited number of pages with the same structure.

    Color themes

    Create custom color palettes you can use time and again by organizing them into libraries.

    Typography themes

    Save custom typography themes for future use to speed up the design process across sites.

    Reusable assets

    Build anything from individual elements to entire pages and save them for reuse across sites, ensuring a seamless workflow.

    Packaged components

    Add pre-designed, fully customizable page elements including slideshows, mega and sub menus, accordions and more.

    Customizable presets

    Choose responsive pre-designed sections, shapes and vector art that can be customized to client brands.

    Media manager

    Browse a vast library of free images including Unsplash and Shutterstock assets, illustrations, vector art, video and more.

    Drag and drop

    Add and position elements with complete freedom by dragging and dropping them onto the canvas.

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