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Basic Vibes - Design up to 4 pages with full responsiveness



  • Design up to 4 pages with full responsiveness
  • Enjoy complete autonomy over customization, including bespoke design, color schemes, and header options.
  • Utilize the Wix Studio Editor for seamless website management.
  • Access a wide array of stock images from Wix and Pexels.
  • Incorporate a blog section, custom sliders, lightboxes for pop-up promotions, and animated GIFs for enhanced visual appeal.
  • Connect your domain 
  • Receive assistance in setting up email accounts and activating SSL certification.
  • Integrate social media icons and a contact page with a form for enhanced user engagement.
  • Optimize back-end SEO and receive guidance on navigating the back end.
  • Facilitate social media linking, receive support in adding applications, and include a favicon for branding consistency.

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