Clifton Designs designs & crafts instant classics with the perfect union of timeless style, the highest regard for details, budget, & creativeness, & a dedication to effortless functionality.  


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Hire Clifton Designs to come up with a website design that is not only creative and beautiful but functional, responsive, and streamlined.

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1voz Website
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Petite Paws
Mark Galler Law
Fort Running Bear
Blingz Store
Eclectic Art Prints
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Clifton Designs website designer
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12 point distillery
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Sultry Silhouettes
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Clifton Designs website designer
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Jack Chamberlin
Flirting With Food
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Artist & Web Designer
Clifton Designs website desigesigner
Artist & Web Designer
Artist & Web Designer
Artist & Web Designer $500

Featured Packages

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1-5 Pages


Multiple page website that is custom designed and mobile formatted.

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Site Design Redo

Per Page

​Redesign an existing wix website.

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No Brainer

1-15 Pages

The Most Popular Package!  Just the right amount of everything. Custom website, tech support, & more.

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Store Website

1-5 Pages​ 

Custom website creation with a store set up with Wix or Ecwid application.

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The Works P.P.

1-30 Page 

For the serious ones for those complex sites. May include database, store, 

custom website, marketing, tech support, 6 months of support, and more.


EST 2010

Artist & Custom Website Designer


sandy sept 9 2016.jpg



Sandy Clifton is a creative website designer and artist creating custom portraits and wildlife paintings in oil and acrylic paints. 

Blurb from the Artist:

"My work is creative and expressive. I want to find the beauty hidden within. Creating on a daily basis in any medium gives me an outlet from my inner battles. We are all perfectly splintered."

Hand-Crafted Creations