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How much does a painting cost?

How much does a painting cost?

Let's get some more info before I quote you a price. Photos would be very helpful for me to help you decide what panel/canvas size would be appropriate and if you would like larger than life size or traditional sizing, and that will largely determine cost.

Things I would need to know.

  • How many subjects?

  • How much of the subjects are showing? Head up, Shoulders up, etc.

  • How large roughly?

  • Background?

  • What is your budget? Be honest with yourself and the artist. If your budget is tight let the artist know. Sandy might be able to work with you to let you know how to decrease your costs.

(Prices do not include Colorado tax, framing, or cost of shipping.)

*Sizes are approximate, can be varied

**There will be an additional charge for elaborate backgrounds, hands, or the inclusion of pets, to be determined by the artist.

Would like to make payments? I do accept Pay Pal's Bill Me Later at checkout.

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