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What kind of research will you do on our business?

Clifton Designs will go through a few competitors websites to see what they are doing.

Will you review my existing website prior to building my new website?

Of course! This is the time to go through everything you have to see what is and isn't working and what can be improved upon.

Do you work in-house or outsource your projects?

Sandy Clifton is the owner of Clifton Designs and creates all the websites.

What is your design process?

Site design can be easier than you think. Have Clifton Designs create the design for you and take the stress out of the process. Choose a color or two and a style idea that you like and leave the rest up to Sandy. Clifton Designs would take your feedback on style or color, and come up with the home page design. As far as the actual design, unless you have something you wanted in particular, Sandy would come up with a design once project is started. Since each new website that is created is so unique, custom, and creative we would therefore have to start the project before knowing what we would do design.

How long will it take to complete my website design and development?

That depends on many factors but once website is started a 5 page website can take anywhere from a few days, week, to a couple of months just depends on the back and forth and site wants. Always best to ask.

What do you need from me before we start the project?

WIX log in details if you have an account, all content (text, images, contact info., etc emailed to

Should I provide the images for the website?

Yes you can or I can also pull them from WIX and PEXELS for free.

Do you have a portfolio I can see?

Yes, go to the portfolio tab.

Which content management system do you use?

All websites created by Clifton Designs are designed with WIX HTML.

Do you build custom sites or use templates?

Mainly custom unless requested to use a template.

Can you build an e-commerce site?

Of course! I would love to help you achieve your commerce goals.

How many rounds of edits/revisions are included?

First step is that Clifton Designs would create the home page design. At that time this is submitted for review and we would work out anything that needs to be updated. Once that is done we move onto another page and go through the same process.

Is my website secure?

Wix deploys and maintains technical and organizational security measures to protect the company’s and our customers’ data and assets. The Wix security team leads the facilitation and development of procedures, processes and controls that govern the security and integrity of Wix and our users.

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