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Creative Driven


Hey there, fellow art enthusiast! My name is Sandy Clifton. Dive into a world of vibrant acrylics and oils, painting portraits and wildlife like a boss. Let creativity flow through your veins with each passing second. Find an artist who sparks your inspiration and watch your life bloom with passion, joy, and hope.

Creative Thoughts = Beauty

The Dreamer

Beautiful ideas for real life, from our combined visions to your site creating instant classics with timeless style.

Hard Work = Success

The Determined

My vision is to be America's most creative, unique, and beautiful design source by bringing life to your passions. Creating custom websites since 2010.

Mama Bear - Sandy Clifton

The Back Story

How did I stumble into web design, you ask? It all started with a passion for painting, a stint in photography, and a gig at a mill company that needed a website revamp. Cue the biggest coding book purchase and a DIY crash course in Dreamweaver. From oil portraits to coding wizardry, creativity has always been my passion. And when I met Wix, it was love at first sight - a platform that let me unleash my creative genius without breaking a sweat!


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