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    1. NO CLEAR CALL TO ACTION This is the most common missing piece of websites today, missing call to actions. Include these: Get Started, Contact Us, Sign Up Now, Add to Cart, Call Now, Book Now. 2. WEAK SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) Add long-tail keywords instead of just a single word. Add these to all pages including the back-end of any page you have. Keep it natural. Ex. Bathroom Remodel. Use instead: How much does a bathroom remodel cost? 3. NOT POSTING QUALITY CONTENT ON THE REGULAR Build those relationships and keep having your customers come back with fresh new content. 4. NOT HAVING A SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE Connect with your customers, often! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Post, and post often! This is a great way to build customer loyalty and expand to new maarkets. 5. NOT HAVING A MOBILE SITE This matters! You can't just have a website made for a desktop computer. You have to have a functioning and good looking mobile website design as well.
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    Home Page check list. Logo - transparent background Website Tagline and a paragraph of text that explains: Who you are What you do For whom Why should your website visitors care Can also have: Testimonial or two on the home page Client logos - for tile manufacturers Awards Event highlight Don't want to get carried away by cluttering the home page. We want the must-haves.Now this is a guide to go by that I typically try to use for any new home page start. It isn't a rule but something to think about for what is good to have for first impressions. About Page Quick Intro Your mission Call to action Show your personality Credibility - awards, testimonials, and or work samples Services page Visual Presentation What's important is prominent Clearly defined page areas Text Grab Readers attention Get to the point quickly Answer frequently asked questions Address & Eliminate Possible Objections Use short sentences whenever possible Avoid jargon Expose readers needdemonstrate importance Tell what's in for them Focus on benefits, not features State features clearlyjustify conversion

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