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Check out the easel that is on Sandy Clifton's Dream wish list. 

Dream Easel

BEST Classic Santa Fe II Easel

2019 is the time for new beginnings. From home sell, moving to new state, and to new home purchase it is just the start. Help Sandy Clifton with getting the tools she needs to dive back into the things she loves to do, painting.

About the Easel.

With the Sante Fe II, an artist can work sitting or standing, with a variety of easily adjusted settings and angles. Features a double laminated quad base, side frames and sturdy H-frame construction. An adjustable extension on the main frame allows added solidity for larger canvases. Its marine style winch raises and lowers easily allowing works weighing up to 200 lbs. The double-masted H-frame offers extra stability and will hold larger canvases, the plastic front locking casters offer an ease of mobility. 


  • Can hold canvases up to 106" high

  • Base width/depth: 24" × 30"

  • Lowest setting of easel is 78", highest setting is 129"

  • Includes a video with step-by-step instructions 

  • Shipping weight: 98 lbs. 

  • Box dimensions: 77" × 30" × 10"

  • Comes partially assembled

  • Requires truck shipment

Check out the easel on the main website. Click Here

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BEST Classic Santa Fe II Easel
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