Website cheat sheet & process

Clifton Designs would take your feedback on style or color, and come up with the home page design. As far as the actual design, unless you have something you wanted in particular, Sandy would come up with a design once project is started. Since each new website that is created is so unique, custom, and creative we would therefore have to start the project before knowing what we would do design.


This is why Sandy's process works exceptionally well. She is able to be creative without restrictions and then submit the home page design for review and changes.

At that time she would make any necessary or needed changes to the site. 

When that is approved the rest of the website will be built out and completed. 


What is all that?

Website In's & Out's

Need It Faster? Pay For A Rush or Next in Line

  • Rush Job
Rush is moved to the front of the line and begins immediately after content given without reducing quality of work. Add 50% to any package. If we're going to perform good work quickly, it won't — it can't — be cheap.
  • Next in line
This add on option is to be moved to the front of the line so you are the next customer on the list after I wrap up the one I am working on. This add on is 25% charge. This is not a rush job but a start sooner job.

Connect Domain

I will go into your domain (site url address) account and link it up to your new site.


This the the top portion of the website that is found on every page. The bottom portion found on every page is a called a footer.

Stock Images

The platform that I use has hundreds of free website images to use.

App. Additions

There are hundreds of apps we can explore and use to enhance the user experience. Booking Apps, Chat, forums, and hundreds more are available to use. View a full list of apps that are available here.

Light Boxes

These are ad based pop ups to give the user a promotion or announcement that pops up when they click or after x amount of time on any given page that it is assigned to.

SSL Certificate

This is one of the ways how people on the net find you. Personalize Page Titles & Backend keywords Customized Google Titles for Your Pages Hide Unnecessary Pages Label Your Images Socialize Your SEO by Adding Links To Your Social Accounts


Tagging an Image means that you can assign a title/keywords to an image to have a higher chance of having it found on the web.


Is a small, iconic image that represents your website found next to browser url address.

Website Maintenance / Updates

Hire Clifton Designs to maintain your website after it is complete.

Website Content Review

You will need to provide ready for web content. Clifton Designs does not proof read, grammar check, or edit your content. If you need this service, I can provide you with an estimate based on content given.

How to Pay?

ADA Compliance - new law

Improving Your Site's Accessibility - aka - ADA Compliance Law 2018 Web accessibility refers to a practice of making sure that everyone, including people with disabilities, can visit your site and use your services or enjoy your work. There are several ways to improve your site's accessibility, including preparing your images, text, graphics and site structure, as well as enabling accessibility components in your Editor. This option is included in the No Brainer Package. If you purchase this option it Includes: 1. Assign your text in the below structure. Site title - H1 - A page should have one H1 tag only Page Title - H2 Paragraph - P 2. Images - Add a short description to all images on the alt image text option. If more than 30 images - request a quote. 3. Color Contrast Ratio - Recommended ratio between the foreground and background should be 4.5 to 1. Will try to make this so. 4. Use clear fonts - In addition, there are several rules of thumb that you should consider: Write your content using text elements, rather than adding an image with text in it. Select a font color that creates sufficient contrast with the background. Try to avoid using formatting (bold, italics and ALL CAPS) to emphasize information, since screen readers do not convey formatting. Avoid small font sizes. 5. Reducing motion Avoid or limit auto-play: You can set video and music players to play automatically once the page is loaded. Screen readers may find it hard to read the the site because of the media, and the audio may override the the speech of the screen reader. Avoid parallax scrolling: In parallax scrolling, the background and foreground move is different speeds. This effect is usually used in page background and strips, and may create accessibility issues such as problems navigating the site using a keyboard or screen reader functionality. 6. Making document files accessible. 7. Turn on the Accessibility option to allow the site to be used as an accessibility website. Things to note: This is intended to help you make your site more accessible. Clifton Designs cannot guarantee or ensure that the use of our services is compliant with all accessibility laws and worldwide regulations. You are responsible for reviewing and complying with local legislation applicable to you or to your site visitors.

New GDPR - Europe Law

Meeting the New GDPR Requirements Wix is a GDPR compliant platform. Learn how to meet the new requirements with dedicated tools for your site. What Is the GDPR? On May 25th 2018, a new European Union privacy regulation—known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)—will come into effect. The aim is to protect the personal data of all EU citizens. Whatever the location of your business, if you own a website with EU visitors, or if your marketing campaigns target EU citizens, these changes affect you. What Tools Will Be Available to Me? From your dashboard, you’ll be able to handle all data requests from your site visitors—like providing access to, or permanently deleting their data. These tools will be available to Wix users by May 25th 2018. How Can I Prepare for the GDPR as a Wix Site Owner? To meet GDPR requirements, you’ll need to create a privacy policy, letting visitors know how your site processes their data—including information on cookies and other tracking technologies. You’ll also need a legal basis to handle your visitors’ data. One way to approach this is using Wix Forms or Wix Code to gain explicit consent. Please note, while Wix, Clifton Designs is providing you with tools to support GDPR requirements, it’s your sole responsibility as a site owner to act in accordance with GDPR guidelines—seeking legal advice if necessary. What does the GDPR mean for you? Transparency and communication with your site visitors are key elements of the GDPR. As part of the new regulation, you must let your site visitors know how you collect, store, and use their data, in a clear and transparent way. In addition, you must comply with your site visitors' requests to receive a copy of their data that is processed on your site. How to help your Wix site meet GDPR requirements Take a look at wix recommendations below so you know how to start preparing your Wix site for the GDPR. Click here for more detailed information on the regulation. Important! As stated in our Terms of Use, it is your responsibility to ensure that Wix services are permitted and abide by your local laws. Any information contained herein is not legal advice and you should not rely upon it as such. The GDPR is a complex regulation and requires multiple actions from site owners. We recommend that you seek legal advice to understand and to prepare for possible additional requirements stated in such regulation. Create a privacy policy A privacy policy is a statement that discloses the ways in which your website gathers, uses, discloses, and manages your site visitors' data. Wix cannot provide you with legal advice on how to write a privacy policy, however, we do recommend that you maintain a clear and comprehensive privacy policy for your website, in accordance with the GDPR and local privacy regulations.

Click here for more information on creating a privacy policy. As a site owner, it is your responsibility to inform your visitors how your Wix site processes their data. It's important to include information on how your site uses cookies and other tracking technologies. Click here to learn more about which cookies are placed on your site visitors' browsers.

For information on how Wix handles your site visitors' data please review sections 8, 12, and 13 of Wix's Privacy Policy. Establish a legal basis for processing your site visitors' data In accordance with the GDPR, you are permitted to process your site visitors' data (e.g. collect, use, store), so long as the process meets the requirements of the GDPR. There are many ways in which you can lawfully process your site visitors' data - requesting their consent is just one of these ways. If you want to receive 'explicit consent' from you site visitors before processing their data you may do so using Wix Forms, Wix Code, or by adding an external feature via the HTML element. Please note that if you choose to receive explicit consent, you must ensure that it meets the standards required by the GDPR. To ensure regulation compliance we recommend reviewing the details of the regulation, as well as seeking legal advice. Get consent for your marketing campaigns Sending marketing campaigns requires consent from your site visitors. If you're using Wix ShoutOut, MailChimp, or any other email marketing tools, this applies to you. Consent to receiving marketing campaigns can be interpreted and applied in different ways on your site. For example, you can add a disclaimer next to your 'Subscribe' button informing your site visitors that clicking the button will subscribe them to your marketing campaigns. This is called 'implied consent'. While it is not obligatory under the GDPR when sending marketing emails to your own existing customers, you may request 'explicit consent' from your site visitors before sending them any marketing materials. In many cases, this can be accomplished by adding a check box next to your 'Subscribe' button, obliging your site visitors to check the box and confirm consent before subscribing. This can be implemented by using any of the following tools: Wix Forms Wix Code HTML Element Make sure your third-party apps are GDPR compliant too As part of the GDPR, you are responsible for any third-party apps or services implemented on your site. These services can include data analytics tools (e.g. Google Analytics, the Facebook pixel, etc.). While reviewing your Wix site for GDPR compliance, make sure that these apps and services are also GDPR compliant. If you're not sure, contact them directly with your questions or concerns. Use Wix tools to access and delete your site visitors' data In accordance with the GDPR, site visitors have the right to access their data or "be forgotten" (to be permanently deleted from your databases). Wix has developed the two main tools to assist you in becoming GDPR compliant: Right to access
Click here for instructions. Right to be forgotten
Click here for instructions. Note: These tools will become available to all Wix users by May 25th, 2018. By checking out through the website or by submitting a chat inquiry, you are agreeing to this privacy policy and terms. Clifton Designs uses live Chat application, wix chat contact form applications, a newsletter sign up, and ecwid store application for purchase and communicating with customers. Any form you submit through the website will be sent to Clifton Designs and will only be used by Clifton Designs. If you enter your contact information, Clifton Designs might contact you regarding these service you inquired about. If you wish to no longer be contacted, please inform Clifton Designs so your contact information can be removed. By submitting any content or payment through this website your are confirming consent. Ecwid is used for store payments - you can find out about Ecwid GDPR on the link below. Live Chat App - You can find out about Live Chat App GDPR on the link below.

Store Breakdown

Your Customer’s Experience

  • Seamless Shopping
  • Make shopping easier by giving customers who drag and drop products to their cart a clear and quick view of their product list.
  • Easy Checkout
  • Allow customers the option to create a profile or enable checkout without creating a profile for faster transactions.
  • Customer Address Book
  • Customers can save addresses in their profiles to make it easier to purchase and ship future orders.
  • Language Detection
  • We live in a global market, so your store should too. Ecwid’s storefront is translated into 45 different languages (and growing), so customers can shop your store in their native language.
  • Save Favorite Products
  • Give customers the chance to look around your store and mark their “favorite” items to return to later, while also generating popular “favorites” for other shoppers to see.
  • Smart Shipping Calculator
  • Real-time shipping rates allow customers to see costs based on their location (via the customer’s IP address) and to adjust options quickly.

Store Management

  • Track Inventory
  • Always know the status of your products no matter where you sell — online or offline.
  • Manage Product Options
  • Set your product options and combinations based on each of your products’ features (e.g. sizes, colors, categories, etc).
  • Boost Sales
  • Offer promotional pricing, discount coupons, volume discounts, and more to help generate more sales.
  • Sell Digital Goods
  • Add digital products to your store just as easily as physical products.
  • Accept Payments
  • Choose from several different secure ways to accept payments among over 40 different payment options.
  • Define Shipping Options
  • Setup different rates and carriers based on your preferences and customers’ needs.
  • Payment Solutions - OVER 50

Shipping Carriers

Shipping cost is a key setting of online shops. After you sell an item, you're supposed to arrange its shipment to the buyer. You may walk to a post station nearby, or hire a courier, or rely to a carrier company (like USPS or FedEx) to deliver your products. In any case this work demands a payment that will cover your costs on the products' shipping. So you may want to charge your customers for the shipping in addition to the main products prices. Ecwid can be of great help to you in arranging the charge for the shipping of your goods, as it supports all necessary tools for that. Using Ecwid, you can easily receive information from your customers on what delivery method they prefer, and define a fee that you will charge for the shipping. Ecwid allows setting up different shipping methods as well as various types of charges like per item / per order / flat fee, etc. or the shipping rates services from major carrier companies.

Under the Hood

  • Sell on Multiple Sites
  • Enable your store to be mirrored on multiple websites, including Facebook so you can sell everywhere simultaneously.
  • Automatic Updates
  • Never worry about software updates. Ecwid is a cloud-based service, so updates are made constantly without causing your business any downtime.
  • Lightning Fast
  • Consumers expect smooth and quick checkout, so Ecwid’s shopping cart is optimized for speed.
  • No Software Installation
  • Your e-commerce functionality is stored on Ecwid’s servers. Just sign up for an account and publish your store on any website.
  • Customizable Design Schemes
  • Availability of preset and customizable CSS design schemes to perfectly match your website.
  • Level 1 PCI compliant
  • Ecwid is a PCI DSS validated Level 1 Service Provider, the gold standard for e-commerce solutions worldwide.
  • Assign SEO to your store items
  • Ecwid allows you to set up SEO for each store item. (This is how people find you on the web.)
  • Download the ECWID app to stay update to with orders on your mobile device.
  • Dozens of apps/extensions to make it even more amazing. Click here to view list of apps/extensions available.
  • * With this store you would purchase the unlimited hosting plan not the commerce plan and purchase the ecwid app inside wix to use.

Don't Forget!

You can download the Wix Apps & Ecwid Apps to your phone so you can view, update, and manage your shoutouts, chats, blogs, and store! You can also hire me for website updates. Check out my FAQ page for tips, help, & advice.

Dynamic Pages & Databases


Here is an explanation and example of what that is and you can determine if that would work for you. Now with this set up, you would really want one main person working in this because it is a database and dynamic pages so it is more complicated and would not suggest having just anyone touch it. When you create a dynamic page, you're designing one page layout that can be used over and over again, each time displaying a different item from your database collection. Since a dynamic page displays a different item each time it's viewed, it's not like a regular page. A regular page stores its content in the page itself, while the content for a dynamic page is stored in a database collection.

Dynamic pages can be helpful:

  • If you've been duplicating a page and changing each page's content or design manually. Dynamic pages let you create one page that displays each one of your items one at time, or multiple items in groups.
  • When you want to edit your site's content without changing anything in the Editor or modifying your site's design.

There are two types of dynamic pages:

  • Dynamic item page: A page designed to display one item in your collection.
  • Dynamic category page: A page designed to display multiple items in your collection that all match some criteria. These items would be displayed in a gallery or table.


Let's say you have a recipes site. When you create your new database collection, the Title field is added automatically to the collection. Let's assume you use this field to store the names of your recipes. You add a Meal field to your collection where you note if the recipe is for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You also add a Course field that notes if the recipe is an appetizer, main, or dessert. Now you want to design your site so that each recipe can be displayed on its own page. You also want to display groups of similar recipes all on one page. For example, you want a page that can display all your recipes based on which meal they are served in. In this example, the page that displays each individual recipe is a dynamic item page, and the page that displays all your recipes based on their meal is a dynamic category page.

Common Questions

Do you have a website check list?

Yes! Home Page check list.
Logo - transparent background Website Tagline and a paragraph of text that explains: Who you areWhat you doFor whomWhy should your website visitors care Can also have: Testimonial or two on the home page Client logos - for tile manufacturers Awards Event highlight Don't want to get carried away by cluttering the home page. We want the must-haves. About Page Quick Intro Your mission Call to action Show your personality Credibility - awards, testimonials, and or work samples Services Page Visual Presentation What's important is prominent Clearly defined page areas Overall Site text/content Grab Readers attention Get to the point quickly Answer frequently asked questions Address & Eliminate Possible Objections Use short sentences whenever possible Avoid jargon Expose readers need demonstrate importance Tell what's in for them Focus on benefits, not features State features clearly justify conversion

I want a website, what do I do now?

First step is to figure out how many site pages and if any site requirements that you may need to see which package might fit best. Need more help? Worried about budget? Hop onto the instant message app on the site to chat with Sandy.

I don't know what I want for site design, help!

Site design can be easier than you think. Have Clifton Designs create the design for you and take the stress out of the process. Choose a color or two and a style idea that you like and leave the rest up to Sandy. Clifton Designs would take your feedback on style or color, and come up with the home page design. As far as the actual design, unless you have something you wanted in particular, Sandy would come up with a design once project is started. Since each new website that is created is so unique, custom, and creative we would therefore have to start the project before knowing what we would do design.

Do you offer website maintenance/site updates?

Yes! For those that do not want to update their sites on their own you can hire Clifton Designs to update any changes for you on an hourly basis.

What if I just want the site, only?

No problem, you can have just a website.

What if I want an app?

Hundreds to pick from. There are hundreds of apps we can explore and use to enhance the user experience. Booking Apps, Chat, forums, and hundreds more are available to use. View a full list of apps that are available in Wix.

What else is involved?

Hosting and domain name. Want to use a domain you own? No problem. Hosting would be on the CMS platform that I use and varies in price from free and up. Domain is your website url address. Hosting is where your website content sits. They are both required if you would like a website with a domain attached.

Payment Options?


Click to view the Full Common Website Questions PDF FLYER

Click here to view the pdf flyer 4 pages. Click the image above to view the 4 page common website questions flyer.

What do you create your websites with?

All sites are created on the Wix platform. They are self hosted which means hosting would also need to be on the wix platform.

New to wix that you can do yourself.

  • You can now stream live videos directly on your site and connect with your fans in real time! Share anything: bring your class online, broadcast a concert, lead a Q&A session and more. The only limits are your audience and your imagination. Available from a desktop or iPhone.
  • You can now promote your business with a professional video easily on your own!
  • Create and send social posts directly from backend. You can now easily create directly on this platform social media posts and share them on your accounts.
  • You can now create a professional logo for your brand yourself on this platform, no skills required!

Site Extra's

Social Ad Design Creation

Create an ad with a custom size for the specific social media platform of your choosing. Create one design each with your content for: Facebook cover, Linkedin Banner, Facebook Post Ad, Instagram Ad

Back End SEO

What is SEO? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results—often referred to as "natural", "earned", or "organic" results.

  • Personalize Page Titles, Page descriptions, & Backend keywords
  • Customized Google Titles for Your Pages
  • Hide Unnecessary Pages
  • Label Your Images
  • Socialize Your SEO by Adding Links To Your Social Accounts
  • Set up wix seo wiz