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Site Accessibility - ADA Compliant

Regarding the ADA Compliant Law as of 2018

Web accessibility refers to a practice of making sure that everyone, including people with disabilities, can visit your site and use your services or enjoy your work. There are several ways to improve your site's accessibility, including preparing your images, text, graphics and site structure, as well as enabling accessibility components in your Editor.

Includes: (new as of 5-18)

5 pages total. Purchase again to get 5 more.

1. Assign your text in the below structure.

Site title - H1 - A page should have one H1 tag only

Page Title - H2

Paragraph - P

2. Images - Add a short description to all images on the alt image text option. If more than 30 images - request a quote. (Includes the first 25 images. If over 25 images, request a custom quote.)

3. Color Contrast Ratio - Recommended ratio between the foreground and background should be 4.5 to 1. Will try to make this so.

4. Use clear fonts - In addition, there are several rules of thumb that you should consider:

  • Write your content using text elements, rather than adding an image with text in it.

  • Select a font color that creates sufficient contrast with the background.

  • Try to avoid using formatting (bold, italics and ALL CAPS) to emphasize information, since screen readers do not convey formatting.

  • Avoid small font sizes.

5. Reducing motion

  • Avoid or limit auto-play: You can set video and music players to play automatically once the page is loaded. Screen readers may find it hard to read the the site because of the media, and the audio may override the the speech of the screen reader.

  • Avoid parallax scrolling: In parallax scrolling, the background and foreground move is different speeds. This effect is usually used in page background and strips, and may create accessibility issues such as problems navigating the site using a keyboard or screen reader functionality.

6. Making document files accessible.

7. Turn on the Accessibility option to allow the site to be used as an accessibility website.

Things to note:

  • This is intended to help you make your site more accessible.

  • Clifton Designs cannot guarantee or ensure that the use of our services is compliant with all accessibility laws and worldwide regulations.

  • You and you alone are responsible for reviewing and complying with local legislation applicable to you or to your site visitors.


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