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Connecting Email Purchased Outside of Wix

By adding your mailbox provider's DNS records in your Wix account.

Connecting outside email

Will need:

Email Provider's DNS Records.

You need to get the email providers MX records and any other DNS records they require to connect your mailbox. Contact your email provider to receive the necessary records.

Example of what to email them. 

Hi {name of email hoste (e.g. Godaddy)},

My name is {your name} and I purchased an email account from you for the following domain: {your domain name (e.g.,}. I've built a site on and I'm using their name servers. Please provide me with the required MX records and any other necessary DNS records so that I can forward them to Wix and have my email redirected back to you."


All sales are final. Please review the terms page. Paypal fee is extra.

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